Missing Since '08

by: Hesper Yau

medium: marker

In 2008, Britney Spears was held under involuntary psychiatric hold and was then placed under the legal conservatorship of her father following a series of erratic public appearances. He still maintains full control of her life and manages all of her finances to this day, despite the fact that Britney is still capable of releasing albums and going on tour. Recently, it has come out that Britney wants the conservatory agreement altered, and no longer wants her father to be involved in her financial or medical care. Another part of the movement involves the way the media handled Britney's public psychiatric problems in the years 2007 and 2008. Instead of treating her with any respect and compassion as you would to any person struggling with mental illness and well-being, she was plastered across every cheap tabloid and became the punchline of every joke. This piece was created in protest of her conservatorship against her father, in the style of scribbly street art, almost like signs you would see in the crowds at a protest. Despite losing her court battle this past year, I hope that she never stops fighting until she gets the freedom she deserves and will receive our support every step of the way.