Connection Around the City

by: Ariel Bussani

"I initially set out with my film camera to capture intentional connections between people. As I quickly realized, our connections with each other go far past what we consider ‘intentional’. Whether it is shared awe, the urge to pet a passing dog, or fleeting eye contact, we are all connected at the core of who we are. The easiest thing to do is learn avoided eye-contact and a downward turned neck, but humanity runs far more parallel then we might think. We hate goodbyes, we weep during hugs; connection is a part of who we are. And as I’ve even learned at university during this project, the only thing really separating us from the strangers we see everyday are skin receptors reminding us that our sensations are individual. Underneath that, we could feel and experience everything the person next to us does. We consider the hundreds of people we see daily as “different” from us. But as I’ve come to know: we are all human, after all."