“Celebration” - A Video Essay with Florist

by: Ariel Bussani

words from the artist 💌

"Music has always been hugely important to me. In every period of change and in every mundane moment of my day, I find solstice and certainty of being through music. In the gap year of 2020-2021, I filled my uncertainty with music. The anxiety-raising emptiness of application essays and grocery-store shifts were eased by daydreaming about what life would be like when I finally went to university. I vividly remember listening to “Celebration” by Florist on repeat when I would go for aimlessly long walks. Her song conveyed to me this feeling of experiencing, to the possible fullness, life after leaving. The line: “I shut off every light, in charge of every light” was significant to me. As someone who grew up with a chaotic and full household, the idea of being uniquely in charge of the lights in my flat was something I yearned for. “Celebration” is not just about the past. It is now a year after my move across continents, and I find myself deeply aching for last summer, for a home that isn’t “home” anymore. Her lines about “sea-sand lingering in hair” and “sitting in loss” reminds that celebration contains an ache that is equally as beautiful as everything gained. “Celebration” moves through a journal entry that mirrors how I often feel now. It starts with the reality of now- laying on the couches of a new apartment, turning off the lights before class starts. It trails into yearning - aching for what was before, trying to find it in what is now. It finishes with celebration and acceptance- learning to carry yourself into blooming possibility while holding your own hand."