by Keira Johannson


found in the mountains upon which i stand

and the lake on which i float.

i found home in the stars

and in the guiding moonlight,

in the evergreen forests that

shelter from pain.

home is a feeling of certainty and love.

solid as a tree,

protective as a canopy,

free as a forest .


A beautiful fairy flies

around the garden leaving

joyful tears on each living flower.

The flowers bloomed

with this essence of love

and the fairy returned

with each given day.

Days passed and the fairy became ill

for she was giving all her

love to the flowers and

received no love back in return.

The fairy was slowly dying

as were the flowers and

she had no more love to share.

Her last tear turned the whole garden a dark blue

and the fairy died in an ocean of her own love.


that feeling of unwinding

as if my thoughts are being pulled

towards the sun and I am able to

collapse upon the golden sand.

days spent by the water,

the taste of saltwater remained

on the tip of my tongue.

in the distance,

a bird chirps softly from the

top of the tree canopy and

I sit back and watch the sun

fall down below the horizon.

earth has been magnified

and we are finally able to see her true beauty.