☆○o。  join the wip team 。o○☆

we are in the midst of reimagining and rethinking what we do! and we would love to talk to new people and fresh faces about working together, especially within our magazine team...

what we want to do... 

✧  reimagine how we approach issues to make issue 05 special

✧  more local art and music events

✧  collaborate with more creatives, zines, organizations

✧  release merch and prints


and we want your help to make these a reality <3

positions are open to everyone worldwide, but youth creatives (16-25) who are based in "vancouver" will be prioritized. all positions are on a volunteer basis. we hope to introduce stipend-based compensation for some roles in the future as we have more flexibility with budget!

join to... 

✧  be a part of a unique art publication that critically engages with social advocacy, the art community, and young creatives worldwide

✧  surround yourself with like-minded young creatives from around the world who support each other in developing both as artists and as a team

✧  build your portfolio by creating graphics and content with our team

✧  grow wip to world domination with us;-)

if you're interested in being a part of wip, please email us at workinprogress.vancouver@gmail.com by september 30 with subject line “Editorial Team Application” and include your resume, portfolio (if appropriate), interested position(s), a bit about you and why you’re interested.

if none of the below positions sound like an exact fit for you, feel free to pitch us a position that you feel might suit both you and us.

open positions


the heads consist of the head of operations, head of communications, and head of creative development, who provide general leadership and direction to the team. they assess all high-level organization decisions with the internal advisors.

operations team

marketing team

creative team