✧༺༻∞  join the wip staff  ∞༺༻✧

staff writers and artists will pitch and/or contribute work to wip on a bimonthly basis, creating content that aligns with our style and brand in their respective medium. work will be included as social media and issue submissions depending on relevance to issue theme and submission timelines.

✧  no limit as to how many people can fill each position

✧  all positions are volunteer

✧  positions are open to everyone regardless of age and location, but youth metro vancouver creatives will be prioritized

✧  applications are on a rolling basis, no fixed deadline

✧  staff members are only required to submit one piece every 2 months

we review applications in february, may, august, and october

why join ?

✧  our editorial team and our community is full of passionate and driven creatives who are uniquely like-minded and collaborative

✧  surround yourself with a team of creatives who encourage and support each other, both in and outside of art



✧  contributes visual content to accompany written pieces, as well as photo series that can be used as individual content


✧  contributes personal film work as well as creates promotional video content for the team and edit videos with an artistic flair

visual artists

✧  contributes collages, illustrations, drawings, paintings, etc. as visual content


activism + politics writer

✧  contributes written work that serves as individual commentary on politics, activism, and social issues of any level

✧  purpose: to educate youth and to advocate for important current issues

creative writer

✧  contributes personal essays and creative writing that showcases a distinct personal voice revealing themes of greater significance

fashion, media, + culture writer


✧  conducts features and interviews with designers, stylists, creatives, etc. and writes opinion-based articles on personal cultural interests or on current trends and happenings in fashion, media, and culture.