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our story

in spring 2019, issue 01 was independently produced and designed by founder and editor-in-chief jessica with the help from a few teachers at school. in june 2019, issue 01 was independently released both in print and digitally.


in january 2020, the WORK IN PROGRESS magazine editorial team at richmond high released issue 02. this was the first collaboratively-produced issue, produced with three months of labour and love.


in march 2020, global pandemic COVID-19 put issue 03 production to a halt, and the quaranzine series was announced in its place as a global instagram artist feature series.


in july 2020, WORK IN PROGRESS made the decision to expand from a school club into a youth-led organization in metro vancouver, to increase our impact and further build our community.

our mission

WORK IN PROGRESS is dedicated to giving youth voices a platform to explore the coalescence of art and social activism.

our vision

we aspire to create a community for artistic risk-taking and growth, filled with like-minded creatives that are unafraid of imperfection and are inspired and empowered to further their personal creative passion.

our values

at WORK IN PROGRESS, we have a set of core values that defines our team culture and subsequently reflects upon our content creation.

these include:​

  • risk-taking

  • creativity

  • commitment

  • growth mindset